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Who are we?

Midlands Piano Services is a family business, run by father and son team, Ian and James Webster, with over 60 years in the business. We have international experience and are well recognized for the high standard of work we attain to.

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Piano Tuning

We travel across KZN to do tunings and service most of the big schools and universities in the province. Prices will vary based on the number of tunings in an area and the distance travelled, so please give us a call for a quotation.


Our fully equipped workshop is able to perform repairs on any pianos, from minor regulating to full rebuilds. If you are looking to get your family heirloom into tip-top shape, or just need to readjust a hard-working piano, call us for a no-obligation quote.


We are suppliers of new Artmann pianos as well as fully refurbished second hand pianos. Rather than take a risk buying through unreliable sellers, check in with us first. The guarantees we offer and quality of the pianos we sell will almost always be a safer bet than potentially spending money on a dud.

Artmann Pianos

Artmann pianos are a high quality manufacturer of pianos ranging from small modern uprights to concert grands. We are proud importers of these pianos and more than just reselling them, we undertake to deliver them to you fully checked and serviced to ensure that the piano you receive is going to be the one you will want to spend the next 50 years enjoying

Our Clients

Since establishment of the company in 2001, Midlands Piano Services has become the first choice for many of the provinces top schools and universities. Our clients include:
  • The KZNPO
  • The UKZN
  • Wykeham Collegiate
  • St Anne's Diocesan College
  • Chris Duigan, well known concert pianist
  • St Mary's DSG
  • Durban Girls College
  • Girls High School, PMB